The Anacrusis

Client: Stray Bombay
Release Date: Jan 13, 2022
Jan 13, 2022
Release Date: Unreleased
Engine: Unreal

The Anacrusis is a four-player, cooperative first-person shooter set aboard a massive starship stranded at the edge of explored space. Team up with your friends in an infinitely-replayable fight against alien hordes to unlock perks, weapons, and new ways to play that you can share with your team!

Working with Stray Bombay

Beyond-FX was fortunate to collaborate with the Stray Bombay team as an integrated, full-service extension of their VFX department, working to assist in crafting environmental assets on a part-time basis across the initial milestones for this exciting new IP. Over the course of a few months, our team was able to craft, implement, and optimize a variety of set dressing and story elements throughout the game’s first Chapter.

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