Project Ragtag

Client: Visceral Games
Release Date:

Release Date: Unreleased
Engine: Frostbite

Project Ragtag was a codename for an untitled third-person action-adventure video game set within the Star Wars universe. It had been under development by Visceral Games since around 2013 and set to be published by Electronic Arts before its cancellation in 2017.

Working with Visceral Games

As the first studio partnership for Beyond-FX, Project Ragtag saw our Studio Head Keith Guerrette working first as an integrated pipeline and shader consultant with the rest of the VFX team at Visceral Games.  During the span of this exciting project, the VFX team at Ragtag helped to push the FrostBite engine to greatly expand the flexibility and potential of their VFX pipelines, as well as produced several impressive early ‘vertical slice’ explorations that sadly will never see the light.

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