Legends of Runeterra: Call of the Mountain

Client: Riot Games
Release Date: Aug 26, 2020
Aug 26, 2020
Release Date: Unreleased
Engine: Unity

As the second expansion set to the award-winning Legends of Runeterra, this set focused on the addition of the Targon region of Runeterra. The full set was released in 3 incremental releases; Call of the Mountain, Monuments of Power, and Cosmic Creation. With 89 new cards, including new Keyword abilities, Spells, and champions, this set included hundreds of new visual effect challenges, including quite a few new/unique gameplay features and artistic pipelines. Plus astral dragons and celestial beings!

Legends of Runeterra is the award-winning, free-to-play collectible card game featuring hundreds of unique visual effects moments from full-screen champion Level Ups, complex Spells, and individual Board and Guardian customizations. It was released worldwide in April of 2020 across the PC, Android, and iOS platforms to critical acclaim and public praise for rejuvenating the CCG genre. In December of 2020, it was awarded “iPad Game of the Year” by Apple.

Working with Riot Games

The Call of the Mountain expansion continued to push the visual bar of the game and added even more large Keywords and Game Modes. With the champion Level Up pipeline in a good place from work on the previous Rising Tides expansion, attention was largely focused on refining the process in other areas of the game. We continued to work as fully-integrated members of the team at Riot Games to overhaul the Guardian pipeline to make it faster and easier to generate VFX for Guardian animations.

In addition to higher fidelity Guardians, we also generated hundreds of assets for the new "Labs" mode. This encompassed everything from new Boards, UI animation, card VFX... and even a pre-rendered music video featuring a track from one of the Lab modes. The K/DA event was also released and featured new Spells, Guardians, Boards, Rewards, and even its own Lab mode. K/DA has a very sleek aesthetic, and our team worked with Riot concept artists, in-house VFX artists, and engineers to bring that flavor into the game, marrying the music to the visuals.

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