Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

Client: Toys 4 Bob | Activision
Release Date: Oct 02, 2020
Oct 02, 2020
Release Date: Unreleased
Engine: Unreal 4

The devious villains neo cortex and dr. N. tropy have finally escaped their interdimensional prison, leaving an evil scientist sized hole in the universe. Now they’ve got their eyes set on not only simply conquering this dimension, but all dimensions, and it’s up to crash and coco to save the day. N. sanity beach is where crash’s adventure first started, and where it begins in crash 4. But there have definitely been changes since players first saw n. sanity beach all those years ago, and throughout crash 4 you’ll notice changes to gameplay and even the art style.

Working with Toys 4 Bob | Activision

Beyond-FX collaborated with the Toys for Bob team as integrated team members of their VFX department, working to assist their gameplay, design, and art needs during the last few months of development. Our work included creating and implementing atmospheric set dressing effects across a variety of levels, building awesome and rewarding cinematic moments, crafting captivating but informative gameplay effects for boss fights, and optimizing assets to ensure great performance on all platforms.

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