Legends of Runeterra: Foundations

Client: Riot Games
Release Date: Apr 28, 2020
Apr 28, 2020
Release Date: Unreleased
Engine: Unity

Legends of Runeterra is the award-winning, free-to-play collectible card game featuring hundreds of unique visual effects moments from full-screen champion Level Ups, complex Spells, and individual Board and Guardian customizations. It was released worldwide in April of 2020 across PC, Android, and iOS platforms to critical acclaim and public praise for rejuvenating the CCG genre. The first release featured 6 regions of the Runeterra world, 24 champion cards, and 318 cards in the total collection. In December of 2020, it was awarded “iPad Game of the Year” by Apple.

Working with Riot Games

We’ve been extremely fortunate to build a wonderful co-development partnership with Riot Games, working as a direct department within their team. We joined the Legends of Runeterra development early in the R&D phase, working with their designers, engineers, and artists to explore and develop pipelines, game features, and define the look and feel of the game.

Once we reached the production phase, we were able to scale up our staffing to help them achieve production milestones, from concept to implementation and optimization across PC and mobile platforms. As the live service support has continued, we continue to evolve our role in supporting new development efforts, smooth over pipelines, and train incoming developers and sustainable support, including other vendors, for future content.

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